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The PEER Committee makes the background check form available online for the convenience of the filer.  The form cannot be submitted electronically; it must be printed, signed, dated, and notarized.  The form is in Adobe Acrobat PDF format.  It is intended to be completed on a computer using either Adobe Acrobat Pro, the free Adobe Acrobat Reader​, or any other compatible PDF editor.  Alternatively, a filer could print the form and then complete it using a typewriter.  The completed paper form must be returned to the appointing authority (e.g., the Governor) rather than to PEER.

Click to download the following form:

(Chrome and Safari support "in browser" filling of form fields.  However, the "in browser" filling of form fields is not supported by Mozilla Firefox.  Firefox users must download the form first, then open it in Adobe to fill in your information in the spaces provided.)

Background Check Form


BEFORE completing the Background Check Form, review the list of appointees subject to PEER staff background investigations.  If the position to which you have been appointed is not included on the list, contact the individual who made your appointment for further instructions.

If your position appears on the list​, complete the Background Check Form (by typing your answers) and return it to the individual who made your appointment—i.e., DO NOT submit it directly to PEER staff.